Day 102 – William B. Douglas Shelter

24.2 miles, 65,742 steps, 410 stories climbed

1654.1/543.9 miles/left, 4,302,339 steps, 36,979 stories climbed
Another day up and early but just not able to find my pace.  I was moving at a crawl today.  I got started and not too long free I left the shelter there was a lookout tower.  I dropped the pack and climbed up and had a nice view of the sun coming through the clouds.
I then hiked on, slogging and slipping through the muddy trail, what Vermont is known for, and over the slippery boulders.
The weather was playing tricks on me as one minute there was a thunderstorm, the next sun and then another thunderstorm, followed by sun and there is a thunderstorm going on as I type.
Eventually, after a 5 minute downpour followed by sun, I made it to Stratton Mountain.  This is sacred ground for hikers in the US.  As you can read from the picture of the plaque, it was on this spot that the Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail were both born.  It felt great to be here.  There is always a certain type of energy in these historic places.
I hiked on, stumbling and out of energy when I finally reached the shelter.  It was later than I would have liked but I made it.
Throughout the day I pondered the thus far unanswerable questions of the cosmos.  Say the Big Bang theory is proven and at one point everything was a dense singularity, that still doesn’t explain where everything came from it just simply explains the state everything was in.  So where did it all come from? 
Also, if the universe was a singularity and started to expand after the Big Bang and continues to do so, there must be some sort of space beyond the universe which allows this growth.  If it is just emptiness then where does the universe end and the emptiness begin or is the universe simply unending?
Who knows?  This is why we try to explain the unexplainable with the incredible and fascinating.  



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