Day 103 – Big Branch Shelter

22.3 miles, 59,604 steps, 423 stories climbed

1676.4/521.6 miles/left, 4,361,943 steps, 37,402 stories climbed

Trail Magic Moments: 45


 Well, first night in this tent with the rain did not go very well.  I think it was due to a combination of issues.  
First off, the rainfly.  The rainfly on this tent does not come out as far from the tent as the other one did, causing the water to pool right next to the tent and in hard rain, like last night, the water splashes mud on to the tent.


 Second, my choice of tent placement.  The place I picked to put the tent was the perfect spot…in dry weather.  The spot was flat, clear of debris and rocks and the ground was soft.  In the rain this spot just soaked up all the neighboring moisture and caused it to pool beneath the tent.  If not for the footprint I would have been sitting in a puddle this morning and in some spots water still managed to come through the floor.


 Third, Vermont.  I don’t know what is up with this state but the ground is constantly saturated.  This state is known for its muddy trails but this is crazy.  I have not seen a dry spot on the trail in this state yet and it hasn’t rained THAT much since I got here.  
I packed up my stuff this morning, I hate packing a wet tent but no choice, and hit the road.


 Today was filled with nice views of streams and valleys.  While climbing one of the peaks I passed a day hiker who asked me about how far we had gone since the parking lot.  I told him it had been about 2 miles and then he started asking me why I had so much in my backpack.  I told him I was hiking the AT and then he asked if I started in Georgia.  After I told him yes he responded by yelling out “Oh my balls!”  The way he said it was just hilarious.  He was amazed and told me he would tell all his friends at work on Monday.
Later on in today’s hike I also came across my first moose.  I sadly wasn’t quick enough with the camera but it was cool to see before he ran away.
The trail magic today was a bunch of water bottles for hikers to use.  I’m hoping to hit at least 50 trail magic moments so only a few more to go.
Today, I did hit my goal but I feel as if I should have hiked further.  The next shelter was only 3.3 away and I had the time and it would have set me up nicely for an early town visit tomorrow.  I did need to dry my tent out though so the early stop was probably a good thing but now I have to get up extra early tomorrow to try and get to Rutland around lunchtime.


One thought on “Day 103 – Big Branch Shelter

  1. The moose saw all the hair on your face and got scared? Keep it up, you’ll be done before you know it ❤

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