Day 106 – Stony Brook Shelter

Day 106 – Stony Brook Shelter

16.3 miles, 50,884 steps, 348 stories climbed
1719.7/478.3 miles/left, 4,496,664 steps, 38,488 stories climbed
106 killington selfie
The weather was playing games with me today.  I woke up to a beautiful day and started packing my stuff.  I decided to hike the rock scramble up to Killington peak and of course everything fogged up when I got there so my view wasn’t that great but oh well.
I was on my way, through the muddy trailway.  The clouds turned a dark grey and threatened to rain all morning.  I came across the split of the Long Trail and the AT.
 106 mountain
I can now say I’ve hiked more than a third of the Long Trail but I question the logic of the blaze selection for the trail.  Both trails are white blazed so you get to a three-way intersection with white blazes in every direction.  Luckily, it is well signed but seems odd to me.
 106 waterffall
When I came to Kent Pond there was a side trail in to The town of Killington, which is filled with outfitters but I stopped in mainly for the deli and marketplace.
I did recognize the town from my time up here with Maria, which was nice and brought back nice memories again that I mentioned in yesterday’s blog.
After a nice sandwich I took a look through the market/liquor store and came across a 4 pack of small Mondavi Cabernets in plastic bottles! Score!!!
 106 waterf
I then head out with a familiar, knowing, ominous feeling.  I knew that the rain was gonna start as soon as I got back to the trail…and it did.
It was light at first but I knew exactly what would happen.  I quickly enjoyed a look at a waterfall before the steep climb up Quimby Mt.
 106 sign
I knew the rain would come down hard as soon as I started the steep climb…and it did.  All I could do was push myself forward.  I remembered one of the best pieces of advice I have received yet and that was the day before I started the trail as I was being shuttled to the hostel I stayed the night before I began.  The woman driving simply said “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”  So, I moved on.
 106 selfei
Near the end of the hike I came across a section hiker who was complaining to me about the weather,  he told me how the next shelter was just up ahead and I told him not to worry about the weather, it would clear up as soon as I reached the shelter.  He smiled and laughed and told me to hurry up and get there.
I reached the shelter about 5 minutes later and moments later the sun was out and the birds were singing.
 106 woods
I got to the shelter and found Cake Boss and Mojo and we talked for a bit.  It was good to catch up and it seems I’m also not too far behind both Crane and Silver.  It seems like we are all starting to slow down a bit as we get near the end here, or maybe we are just trying to hold off from the mountains looming ahead of us.

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