Day 107 – Stealth Camping near a Stream

25.8 miles, 74,165 steps, 774 stories climbed

1745.5/452.5 miles/left, 4,570,829 steps, 39,262 stories climbed
Trail Magic Moments: 50!
Today was brutal!  Back at the end of Virginia there was a section of trail labeled the Roller Coaster because of its ups and downs, that was what today was like but more intense.
 10 In NH
Another early start but with some nice weather today.  The sun was shining and it never got too hot.
A few miles into the home was a short side trail to a tower with a view. The tower was actually a deck on top of a privately owned cabin that hikers are allowed to use!  I wish I had known that, I would have stayed there last night. Future hikers: stay there if you can!  Here is the view:
 107 View from Cabin
I kept on moving through the peaks and valleys, climbing really steep hills only to immediately descend once again before another climb.
 107 water
When I got near the last really big climb of the day I was pleasantly surprised by a bucket of cold sodas for trail magic.  I grabbed a root beer and headed up to the road when Wing Mom struck again.
Her coolers where there, filled with all kinds of goodies and perfectly placed to give a nice sugar pick me up before the steep uphill.  Thanks again Wing Mom.
107 Wongmom
Now Vermont…let’s have a brief talk.  You have over 100 miles of the AT and I understand that is a bunch of responsibility but you really need to pick up the slack on this whole trail maintenance thing.  Your trails are a muddy mess, they are horribly labeled (I’ve made so many wrong turns and second guessed myself many times due to poor blazing) you have grassy meadows that look as if they have never been cut (have you heard of ticks???) and then today the shelter where I planned on staying was not marked at all.  Bad Vermont.  You’re lucky you’re beautiful! 🙂
 107 VT trail maintenace
I ended up passing the shelter, never seeing it.  I ran in to a south bounder who was also searching curiously for it (don’t think he had gone quite far enough though).  So, after passing the shelter I had to try and find water (which took too long) and then a place to set my tent.  I ended up going an extra 4.3 miles today!  The good thing is that means I’ll get in to town that much earlier tomorrow.  Plus, they have an Indian restaurant!!!  Life is good!
107-Rough day but still smiling

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