Day 108 – Velvet Rocks Shelter

11.8 miles, 33,362 steps, 272 stories climbed

1757.3/440.7 miles/left, 4,604,191 steps, 39,534 stories climbed
Trail Magic Moments: 53
 108 lake
Today was a good day (cue Ice Cube song).  Didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night for some reason so I wasn’t very happy with the extra early start but other than that, everything was good.
I started hiking around 5:30am but moving rather slowly.  The mosquitoes were apparently determined to make me fight for every inch forward.  I donned the mosquito net a couple times and must have killed at least 50 mosquitoes today (not an exaggerated number either).
Still, as slow as I was moving I made it to the road about 8 miles in pretty early.  Once on that road, I followed it to and through the town.
At one of the first houses on the road, there were a bunch of containers filled with trail magic.  I enjoyed some and moved on.  Thank you trail angels!
 108 trail magic
Not much further down the road I see a fellow thru-hiker and suddenly realize it’s Crane!..and he is standing by some more trail magic!!!  It was great seeing him again.  The two of us hiked together the rest of the way to town, crossing the border and entering New Hampshire and then immediately coming across more trail magic!
We caught up on what’s been going on with each other over the last few weeks.  He had come down with an illness for a few days.  He’s not sure what it was but he’s recovered so it wasn’t major, luckily.
We got in to town and said our goodbyes as we split to take care of business.  Neither one of us planned on staying in Hanover but he planned on going much further than I.  He needs to be at s certain point on July 5th so he’s gonna push hard the next two weeks while I plan on playing it day to day depending on the terrain and weather so, I can’t be sure we’ll see each other again.  But, best wishes to him!
I headed first to the post office.  It was time to go back to cold weather gear since I’ll be in the White Mountains soon and probably start seeing snow and freezing temperatures again (I’ll actually be entering the Whites on the first day of Summer when I climb Mt. Moosilauke, it’ll be interesting to see snow that day).
Maria sent me all of my cold weather stuff, and of course there was also a massive amount of food so my pack is feeling very heavy right now, but of course, being in town, I stuffed my belly until it was about to burst.
First, I hit a buffet of BBQ pulled pork and pizza.  I cut myself off after only three helpings to save room for the Indian restaurant.
After spending some time at the bookstore I hit a gelato place.  I relaxed outside, charging my phone and reading while eating the gelato.
Eventually, my stomach told me it was time and I headed over to the Indian restaurant and had samosas, naan and some chicken tikka masala.  I love some Indian food.
Afterwards, it was time to hit the trail.  I could have stayed in town longer but I would have only ended up spending more money, plus it looked like a storm was about to start.
I waddled my way forward, knowing the shelter was less than a mile away so it wouldn’t be long.  When I re-entered the forest there were all sorts of motivational signs posted.  Here are two of my favorites:
 108 trail inspiration
108 liquid awesom
Once I made it to the shelter, there was a bag hanging filled with games for kids and randomly a bag of Yerba Mate, which of course made me think of Maria and wish she were here with me.  We used to drink mate almost every morning together (mate is a type of infusion/tea from Argentina).  I miss that woman!
108-Left at a shelter.  Made me miss MAria

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