Day 110 – Hikers Hostel in Glencliff NH

20.1 miles, 55,470 steps, 413 stories climbed

1799.3/398.7 miles/left, 4,722,029 steps, 40,666 stories climbed
Trail Magic Moments: 56

110 view
I’m really starting to feel the anticipation. I’m now less than 400 miles from Katahdin. Tomorrow, I enter the Whites which I have heard about with a fearful reverence. The next 300 miles are supposed to be the most difficult and the Whites have some of the most treacherous weather arguably in the world (Google Mt. Washington for a quick look at conditions).

The best part is it’s expected to rain the next three days as well which should be fun. Between they’d and rocks I will probably really start to slow down.
Today, the trail maintenance was about as good as ever. I started the climb down from the Fire Wardens Cabin, fighting through fallen tree after fallen tree. I was stabbed numerous times by broken branches and slapped in the face plenty of times by other branches.

110 mud
After making my way through the fallen trees and over the slippery wet rocks, it was back to the mud. At points there were little foot bridges over the mud and muck but half the time the door bridges were broken or rotted away. There were even a couple of instances where the little footbridge was just floating on the mud and as soon as I stepped on it, both the bridge and I sunk into the water. I spent the day slipping and falling all over the place.
The final goal for the day was a hostel right on the trail. It had been almost a week since last laundry and shower so I figured that and a mattress before the fun begins was a good idea.

110 sun
As I reached the road for the hostel, another hiker called my name and asked if I had seen his partner. When he called me back, the driver in the vehicle next to him offered us both a ride to a convenience store, where we found his partner. She was kind enough to wait for us to shop and then drove us back.
The woman had two dogs with her and one was an albino husky that had lost his eyes due to glaucoma. The dog was the sweetest thing though. I of course spent the whole ride petting the dog.
She dropped us off at the hostel where we immediately ran into the yearbook committee. Two people taking pictures and contact info from all the hikers and putting a book together so we can all get in touch with one another and of course fill us with memories. The yearbook committee also had baked cookies for the hikers as well.
At the hostel, all the hikers here just watched some comedy movies and relaxed and occasionally complained about the trail conditions. We all know what looms ahead though in the next few days and I’m sure we’ll miss the mud on the flat terrain.

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