Day 112 – Liberty Springs Campsite

11.5 miles, 37,748 steps, 449 stories climbed

1827.6/370.4 miles/left, 4,819,620 steps, 41,844 stories climbed

112 lake
So tired. I had planned on going much further today but it just wasn’t in the cards.
I had my typical early start and again first thing I had to do was make my way across a big stream with no bridge, immediately soaking my boots and socks.

112 More creeks
Right after that, climb a steep and rocky mountain filled with all kinds of danger along the way. There were tons more streams I had to walk across, plenty more huge mud puddles and mini-lakes in the trail, long, slippery, uneven boulders and footbridges that would sink when you stepped on them.

112 Foot bridge
I think my two favorite parts of the day were the 200ft footbridge that was entirely a few inches below water and the huge boulder someone was nice enough to attach wooden steps too, but only the top and bottom, not the middle where the Boulder was steepest.

My legs were already tired from yesterday and the trail today did not help and I was dragging. I just could not find any speed.
I considered hitching in to town to take a break but thought better of it and pushed on to the campsite. Along the way I came across this long, sturdy wooden structure that went over a stream, I think they called it a bridge.

112 Yes-a bridgeWhen I made it to the campsite I just had no desire to keep hiking. My feet were soaked, my legs aching and my body was just done. I still had plenty of miles left and a bunch more hills to climb and descend before the shelter I had wanted to reach but there was no way I would make it there at a decent time so I just decided to stay here.

112 tent
The Whites are definitely slowing me down and kicking my butt. I knew they would be tough but I had no idea they would be like this!

That's part of the trail.
That’s part of the trail.

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