Day 114 – Crawford Notch

14.8 miles, 38,693 steps, 252 stories climbed

1852.7/345.3 miles/left, 4,893,052 steps, 42,465 stories climbed
Trail Magic Moments: 5

114 view
Today was a much better day. I woke up warm and dry and was able to sit and read for a bit while waiting for everyone to finish with breakfast. Then Crane and I were allowed to eat the leftovers before starting our chores.
All we were asked to do was to clean the bunk rooms, meaning fold the sheets and sweep the floors. It took us maybe a half hour, totally worth it.114 Sign
Then we got ready and got moving. He is still recovering from a sickness so he was moving pretty slow and I lost him early on. I spent most of the day hiking with a guy named Ironman who I’ve just happened to be on the same schedule as the past few days.

Ironman is apparently some sort of genius or something. He is hiking the trail right now in his off year before starting his masters…he just turned 20. He decided to take the year off because he felt he was rushing through life too fast.
We started the day off with a steep climb but not a very long one and were pleasantly surprised to actually get a view.

114 Panoramic
After the climb it was mostly downhill to the next hut and not really too bad. It was nice to have some dry rocks and a bit of traction. We both felt as if we were hiking so fast even though we were barely going over 2mph (so much faster than the last few days though).

114 This is why I'm here
When we reached the next hut, around lunchtime, we asked if they had any leftovers and if so could we help out in exchange for them. They just gave us the leftovers, a bit of lasagna and some cookies. Nice!
At the lodge was an older woman who thru-hiked in 2013 and she was excited to see us. She gave us both ziplock bags with more cookies and then insisted that we give her our garbage so she could take care of it for us! Awesome!
After the hut the trail leveled out and was somewhat normal for a while. I was able to get a good pace going and get to my planned stopping point for the day in good time, especially considering a late start and a good amount of time spent at the hut for lunch.

114 Tomorrow Morning's climb
We decided to push on a bit further since both the weather and the terrain were on our side. We made it to Crawford Notch and found spots to tent at the base of another very step and long climb…but that’s tomorrow’s problem. For now I rest and I eat!

114 Crap
Tomorrow’s climb

One thought on “Day 114 – Crawford Notch

  1. Glad you enjoyed eating something different. I hope tomorrow’s climb isn’t as bad as it looks. Stay safe. Xoxoxo

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