Day 115 – Madison Hut

18.1 miles, 54,680 steps, 868 stories climbed

1870.8/327.2 miles/left, 4,947,732 steps, 43,333 stories climbed
Trail Magic Moments: 60

115 weather advisory

115 beautiful views
Today was a perfect example of why I came out here. This was one of my favorite days on the trail.
I had an early start, part of the reason I hiked further yesterday was to give myself the option to climb Mt. Washington today if the weather was nice enough. The weather was perfect.

115 Mt. washington summit

115 another amazing view
The day started with a steep climb but not nearly as treacherous as the recent climbs. Once on the ridge, my day was filled with nothing but gorgeous view after gorgeous view.

115 Mountain
The terrain at points was dirt and at points was a rock pile but it was dry and it wasn’t too difficult.
About 6 miles in I stopped at the hut. They brought out a tray filled with steak along with containers of rice and couscous and a bin of sugar cookies. I pigged out big time!

115 wow
Then in another 5 miles was another hut. This one I was able to score some soup and a brownie.
Then it was time to make the climb up Mt. Washington. It was still early and the weather was perfect. I was so excited when I was first able to see it and as I got closer and closer to the top I just had more and more energy.

115 home for the night

115 Mt. Washington in the distance
The summit is both breathtaking and disappointing at the same time. The views are astounding but at the same time, there are so many tourists. There is actually a train up to the top and a small restaurant up there. So, the peaceful, quiet summit just doesn’t happen. (I of course stopped at the restaurant and got more food…I mean it had been like 45 minutes since I ate!)

Then, I climbed down Mt. Washington (which the climb up and down wasn’t too bad) and went back to the beautiful ridgelines and rock piles.

115 rock
I reached the hut and was able to get another work for stay. I stuffed my face some more with some really good enchiladas, bread and tomato soup (all this is cooked in the kitchen from scrap by the way, not frozen food) and then I only had to clean the stove! Again, free place to stay and a ton of food (and breakfast tomorrow too)! This is such an awesome deal!


115 Snow in the distance
Then, as if the day hadn’t been amazing enough, there was the most beautiful sunset. Everyone was outside with cameras trying to capture the moment. It was just amazing! One of the best days on the trail yet!

115 beautiful sunset

115 train

115 sign

115 Pano

115 mount 115 The observatory on Mt. Washington

115 selfie 115 Mountain viwe

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