Day 116 – Pinkham Notch

7.8 miles, 25,917 steps, 151 stories climbed

1878.6/319.4 miles/left, 4,973,649 steps, 43,484 stories climbed
Trail Magic Moments: 61

Another magical day on the trail. Woke up in the hut and had some breakfast (oatmeal and cornbread) before heading out on the trail.
The day started with a brief climb and then I was on the ridge for a few miles. I felt as if I was in a Lord of the Rings movie, the views were that spectacular. The terrain was a rock scramble but not too terrible but it was hard to focus on where to step with the awesome views.

116 Beautiful View
Eventually, though I had to come off the ridge. I was back into the green tunnel of pine trees and river crossings.
The day was gonna be short, the plan was to reach Pinkham Notch and stay at the White Mountains Lodge & Hostel. They have a sweet deal where if you stay for two nights, they will slackpack you for 21 miles!

116 Mountain
Now slackpacking is when you hike with minimal gear, just what you need for the day. I get to leave my tent, sleeping stuff, stove, most of my food etc., at the hostel and just hike like a day hiker. They drop me off back at Pinkham Notch and then I hike 21 miles back to the hostel right on the trail. Plus, breakfast is included and I’ve heard it is amazing.

116 Creek
Now, when I got to Pinkham Notch, I decided to hitch in to town to resupply before going to the hostel. Pretty much as soon as I raised my thumb a pickup truck stopped and gave me a lift.

116 Bridge
It was a father and son on a fishing trip and they brought me in to town. As if that weren’t enough, the father insisted on taking me out to lunch and the three of us went to a little diner.
The poor kid was unable to really eat, he had just gotten braces the day before, so I ended up eating his meal as well…double free lunch! Then, he insisted on driving me to the grocery store so I could resupply too. He just wanted to stop and get some fishing stuff at the place next to the restaurant first.

116 Beautiful View
As I’m waiting for him, a guy from the hostel pulled up to pick up another hiker and I spoke to him and he reserved me a spot at the hostel (which was full by the time I got there so lucky I ran in to him).

116 Pano
The wonderful trail angel dropped me off and then the hostel picked me up. Everything just seemed to work out perfectly.
When I got to the hostel, Silver was there as well and he’s also slackpacking tomorrow. So, we were able to catch up and will probably hike together for a while116 Mountain
As if that wasn’t a good enough day, I don’t typically get to see what goes on in the world that much, and when I do, it is usually bad stuff. The first thing I heard when I turned my phone on was that the U.S. Supreme Court has deemed same-sex marriage as legal! I do my best to try and keep politics out of this blog but I am so incredibly happy about this decision! I wish I could be with those closest to me that this decision effects the most to celebrate, but for right now I have hiking to do. Still, congratulations and let’s keep fighting for equality!

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