Day 117 – White Mountain Lodge & Hostel near Gorham

21.1 miles, 56,259 steps, 839 stories climbed

1899.7/298.3 miles/left, 5,029,908 steps, 44,323 stories climbed

117 Mountains
Another beautiful day. I woke up at the hostel and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast. It was a breakfast burrito, sausage, hash browns and a banana walnut muffin, all homemade and delicious. Then we were brought to Pinkham Notch.

117 Wwat4er
There were a total of 13 hikers that were doing the slackpack, which the hostel owners said was a record. We all headed out and up the steep climb.

117 slackpackers

117 Selfie
The weather continued to be beautiful and the hike again was filled with beautiful views. It wasn’t quite like the past two days as I was below tree line much more today, but whenever I was able to see above or through the trees, the view was incredible.
It felt weird to slackpack. I felt so light, my pack was down at 10lbs and half of that weight was from water and a bottle of Gatorade so by the end of the day my pack was less than 5lbs. When I started the hike, I had to keep convincing myself that I was okay and not forgetting anything.

117 Mountain
The hike had a very rough start, with some very steep, rocky ups and downs but it had a very nice finish with the last four miles being pretty flat and mostly dirt. Now, I have less than 300 miles left to go! Incredible!

117 trees 117 Selfie smile

117 1 117 Lake  117 lakeview

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