Day 118 – White Mountains Lodge & Hostel

0.0 miles

  Well, I woke up today with every intention to hike. I packed my bag up and food, got dressed and was ready to leave as soon as breakfast was over. Then, I noticed the weather.
It was raining and raining hard. The weather report said it would rain all day. Immediately the wheels in my head started spinning. I had originally planned on zeroing in Gorham and after talking to Maria on when the best day to summit would be where she could be there, I have plenty of time to play with so, I decided to stay another day at the hostel. The decision might have been aided by the fact that the hostel had loaner clothes and I found fleece sweats, perfect attire for a lazy rainy day.
In this decision I was not alone. In fact everyone who was at the hostel decided to stay and we all sat around watching TV and eating all day. It started with another wonderful breakfast made by the staff. Then, it was movie time and everyone went old school with movies. We started with The Deer Hunter.
In the middle of the movie, it’s a long movie, we went out for Chinese buffet. When we got back the TV had been taken over and it was a Game of Thrones marathon for the last 5 episodes.  
We then finished the Deer Hunter and went on to Caddyshack. Most of the people in the hostel were older then these movies. Then, since there were so many of us, the staff offered to make us dinner for a couple bucks each. Lasagna with garlic cheesebread and salad and tons of all of it, all homemade. 
Then we all started on our snacks as we finished the night watching the Mel Brooks classic Blazing Saddles.
All in all, it was a great zero day at a great hostel filled with a bunch of crazy hikers.

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