Day 119 – Carlo Col Shelter

17.0 miles, 54,753 steps, 699 stories climbed

1916.7/281.3 miles/left, 5,084,661 steps, 45,022 stories climbed 

 Ladies and Gentlemen, I have made it to Maine!!! I am about a half mile past the border!

Today was a brutal day though. It started with another great breakfast at the hostel and then I finally had to leave the place. After a zero, slackpack, zero and resupply, my bag felt so heavy, and it was. 


AWOL describes today’s hike as having the most difficult mile.
I bought way too much food when I resupplied and think my bag is heavier than it’s been in a very long time.
I managed to get the thing on my back and start hiking but the trail was wrecked. The rain from yesterday made the trail incredibly slippery and muddy. I fell numerous times and many times very hard.

I slipped on a rock and fell straight down on to the Rock and my butt doesn’t have as much cushion as it used to. I slipped on one of the footbridges and slammed my knee right into the corner of the wood real hard. I slipped on a rock and slid 10′ into the mud, feet first luckily, breaking the measuring cup that came with my stove and tearing holes into both my pack cover and the mesh outer pocket of my pack.
  There were so many wet rocks and boulders to climb and lower myself from. I am exhausted. Each step took so much effort and energy. Each step needed to be planned like a game of chess so you knew exactly where to step next and see the best path down the rock otherwise you would just slide or slip and injure yourself. I made it though and now I am in Maine.
Good night!


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