Day 121 – Frye Notch Lean-to

10.4 miles, 35,612 steps, 397 stories climbed

1936.6/261.4 miles/left, 5,153,410 steps, 45,780 stories climbed


Another day short in miles but not in effort. I had my typical early start and the weather was not on my side. The rain had come in as well as the cold to add to the complications for the day.
The trail wasn’t quite as bad as yesterday but, typical New England hiking I guess with mud, puddles and slippery rocks to slow thing down.  

 When I made it to Bald Pate, I found what new difficulty the trail was going to test me with today.

Bald Pate is a massive stone clearing at the top of a mountain. It is slick and incredibly slippery from the rain and angled in such a way as to make movement in the rain treacherous. 

  The fog made it difficult to see just how long and steep Bald Pate really was and the wind was blowing strong enough to make it difficult to stand.
The rain was horizontal and pelting me hard in the face as the combination of rain, sweat and dirt burned my eyes making it difficult to see. Once again I made progress on the trail but very slowly.

As I walked forward I fantasizes about getting to camp and getting into my sleeping bag and warm, dry clothes while drinking some hot chocolate and that’s exactly what I did when I made it to camp.

I could probably have hiked on to the next shelter but the weather is supposed to be much nicer the next few days so I figured why forge on.
I had a nice relaxing day at the shelter getting warm, reading and even taking a midday nap which I don’t think I have done this entire trip. All and all not a bad day considering the bad weather but I do need to start making up the miles.

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