Day 122 – Bemis Mountain Lean-to

23.3 miles, 70,237 steps, 794 stories climbed

1959.9/238.1 miles/left, 5,223,647 steps, 46,574 stories climbed
Trail Magic Moments: 63

Today was a very long day but I was able to knock out some big miles in Maine. The weather was much better today, no rain, just the sun shinning all day long but, this is New England so a sunny day does not mean a dry day.
The day started relatively easy for the first 10 miles or so. It was pretty flat with some small ups and downs and of course lots of mud but nothing too bad. However, once I got past that first shelter things got difficult fast.
  After that first shelter there was an incredibly steep descent, followed by an even steeper climb (possibly one of the steepest on the trail) and as soon as you finish the climb it’s right back down to the bottom before another climb up.  
Every time I saw a spot of flat terrain I started to get happy only to have that happiness reached by anger as my boots got stuck in ankle deep mud. At one time I also had to ford a river, not with rocks I could easily climb, I had to just walk through it.

My feet were soaked all day long and they were not very happy to have been so. I can’t remember the last times feet were still dry at the end of the day and I wonder if it will happen again the rest of the trip.

Now, in New England there is a point you reach called the “fuck it” point. It’s when your boots have been through the water and mud so much, you stop trying to avoid it. I definitely reached it today. It was funny when I came across a group of high school kids, very slowly crossing through a muddy area doing their best to keep their shoes dry. When they realized I was behind them they stepped aside and I just slipped right through the mud, quick as can be, with a smile on my face. They all gave me the strangest look

When I finally reached the shelter, after 13 hours of hiking, I was exhausted. I hurried and got my boots off to dry the feet and started my chores. Ironman and Forrest strolled into the shelter a bit later just as exhausted. Maine has been pretty rough but the worst of it (minus Katahdin of course) is almost over.

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