Day 124 – Spaulding Mountain Lean-to

18.7 miles, 53,437 steps, 657 stories climbed
1996.3/201.7 miles/left, 5,326,952 steps, 47,619 stories climbed
  Another beautiful day. It started at the Hiker Hut where Steve made us all some breakfast burritos. I almost left without paying, he never asked for it, but when I did pay I gave him some extra money for his project. He was so touched he surprised me with a hug, a very long hug. He and I talked a bit more about travel and me telling him my South America plans. He told me that if I’m ever in either Maine or India again to reach out to him and gave me his contact info.

Then it was time to hike out. I stopped at the first shelter just to look at the privy. It is a two seat privy with a cribbage board between the two. I wonder how many people have actually played?

After that it was back and forth between the dense pine tree forests and the ridgelines with their beautiful mountain views. It was more Lord of the Rings type scenery. I’ve been running into more south bounders as well and they usually have a bunch of questions about the trail, I think they can tell I’m a thru-hiker by the beard.

 The climbs today didn’t seem nearly as bad as I thought they would be and I was able to make pretty good time.  

 When I got to the shelter, in honor of the 4th of July, I made some hot dogs and Silver and I both added them to our mac and cheese. A nice, hearty American dinner.

  Later on, both Ironman and Crane came through and the four of us all plan on heading into Stratton tomorrow. Crane is especially excited because his father is coming out to visit him tomorrow and they’re going to hike together for a few days.
I hope the great weather continues!


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