Day 125 – Stratton

13.5 miles, 34,947 steps, 386 stories climbed

2009.8/188.2 miles/left, 5,361,539 steps, 48,005 stories climbed
Trail Magic Moments: 64

The lure of town and some good food is a strong motivator. I didn’t have far to go to get in town but there were a few steep climbs. I was up earlier than normal and on the trail around 5:40am.
There were a few steep climbs but nothing as bad as the past few days. I was moving with Silver and Crane and we were all anxious to get in.
I had heard about the famous Wolf burger, an 8oz burger topped with bacon and sausage with fries and it was calling to me on the trail.

Silver and I made it to the turn off for the town before noon and as soon as we emerged from the woods we immediately ran into a woman with her dog returning from a weekend hike. She offered us a lift into town and we headed right to the bar for our burger.
It was a tasty burger but a bit on the small side. Dessert was a peanut butter cream pie and then off to resupply and laundry.


some cool bears
I was able to meet Crane’s father. They look incredibly alike. They plan on hiking together the rest of the way.
I was also able to finally talk to Maria and discuss her meeting me up here to summit. We’re aiming for the 20th and it’ll be so great to see her again….finally.  I can’t wait! It’s been tough not having her here. Whenever I see a beautiful view or beautiful sunset, and especially when I meet such interesting people, I really wish she were here to share the experience with me.  I will see her soon again though and I’m soooo excited. 


 Katahdin, here I come!

4 thoughts on “Day 125 – Stratton

  1. It must be so strange at this point to see the light at the end of the tunnel. What an amazing experience you’ve had! And I’m SO excited for your next one and can’t wait to hear all about it!

  2. So close, you can taste it! And that burger only seemed small because you’ve got that hiker’s appetite. 8 oz is half a pound! I’d never be able to eat that in one sitting!

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