Day 127 – Pierce Pond Lean-to

17.7 miles, 46,341 steps, 230 stories climbed

2042.8/155.2 miles/left, 5,452,559 steps, 48,822 stories climbed
  Today was a nice easy and short day. I was actually hoping to sleep in a bit but I just naturally woke up early and figured I might as well start hiking.
The terrain today was incredibly flat and reminiscent of Maryland. There weren’t many rocks or boulders to deal with and even the mud is starting to fade since it hasn’t rained in almost a week.

The few muddy areas I came across were right next to ponds or beaches, which were very tempting to go in for a little break but sadly, they are filled with leeches. I think between the mosquitoes and black flies I’ve had enough of my blood sucked out of me.
With a privy break and a long lunch break sitting on a bench by the beach I still managed to finish the hike just after 1pm.

I would have liked to keep going but it wasn’t really an option. About 3.6 miles from this shelter is a river with no bridge that is too dangerous to try and ford. There is a free ferry across but it only runs between 9-11am for another few days so I’ll have to wait till tomorrow.

On the plus side, there is a campground nearby where you can order a nice pancake breakfast in the morning and I’ll have plenty of time to enjoy that and still make the ferry.  

So, what do you do when you’re in camp so early? Eat, read and listen to either music or the sound of the nearby stream and birds…not bad huh?


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