Day 131 – Zero in Monson

0.0 miles

Trail Magic Moments: 74

Out of habit I end up waking up around 4:30am, curse my internal body clock and try my best to force myself back to sleep until 7am when they start serving breakfast. 

 Breakfast was amazing! Eggs made however you wanted them with some really good home fries, a ton of bacon and some blueberry pancakes with fresh picked blueberries. It was delicious. 

 Then I had until 12:30 before Monica and I planned to meet up so I put a movie on while I packed my gear up.

I spent some time talking to Poet (one of the owners at Shaw’s). Him and his wife Hippie Chick are thru-hikers from ’08 and are retired teachers. They bought the hostel from previous owners just this year.  

After talking to Poet about all Monica had done for me, Silver and Ironman he asked me to invite her to breakfast tomorrow to thank her and get to know another trail angel in the area.
I said my goodbyes to Silver and Ironman and we exchanged real names and did the whole Facebook thing to keep in touch since I stayed back and they hiked on. Chances are I won’t see them again on trail as they both plan to summit on the 17th.
I headed over to the pub down the road and waited for Monica to meet me and the wave of trail magic continued.
  First, she went back to buying round after round of beer for me.
Next, she convinced a friend of hers who owned a pontoon plane to fly to the bar (and I mean right up to re dock at the bar) and take me up and fly me around the area!!! Are you kidding me!? This is legendary level trail magic!!! I was able to getting first view of Katahdin in the distance from up there.


photo courtesy of Monica Lynn

photo courtesy of Monica Lynn

  Then, she continued to buy drinks and lunch for me. When we got tired of the bar we ended up going to a different area of the lake with a six pack and watched the sunset.       

photo courtesy of Monica Lynn

Then we headed over to the grocery store so we could return the movie Ironman rented from Redbox last night and Monica bought some food.
We get back to her place and she made me a fabulous steak dinner with fiddleheads, I had never heard of these things before but they’re like a cross between spinach and asparagus.
We both went to sleep soon after dinner as neither of us got a whole lot of sleep last night, me having been up late watching a movie and her having kayaked until around 3am. 

photo and food courtesy of Monica Lynn
This woman is awesome, seriously. She works in the mental health field, mainly with kids, does all kinds of volunteer work and is just an incredibly nice person!  Thank you Soo much Monica! I hope that one day you come out to visit Maria and Me! 

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