Day 128 – Caratunk

4.0 miles, 13,645 steps, 43 stories climbed

2046.8/151.2 miles/left, 5,466,204 steps, 48,865 stories climbed

  Well, not the most productive day but hey, I have time. Silver and I woke up and hiked over to Harrison’s campground about 0.3 miles from the lean-to for breakfast and we found Ironman there as well.

The three of us are our full of pancakes and where about to leave when the rain came pouring down.
Originally, Silver and I had planned to do a big day today to set us up to be in Monson tomorrow but as soon as the rain began, our plans started to change.

We hung out at Harrison’s for a bit, hiding from the rain and as soon as it let up, the three of us darted out to make the ferry across Kennebec River.   


 We pulled up as the ferry was letting off two SoBos and they were talking about the brewery in Caratunk, less than a half mile north of the ferry crossing. When I heard brewery I immediately started making a case for why we all should just stay there for the night.
“The rain might start up again” – it didn’t, blue skies the rest of the day
“We can dry out our tents”
“It’ll give the ground time to dry up”
“Beer man, beer”
“For the love of beer”
Among some other compelling arguments I’m sure.

We decided to stay at the brewery/lodge/restaurant/canoe outfitter. As we were there a bunch of other familiar faces came in as well Cakeboss, Mojo, Forest and Eddy. It’s the most NoBos I’ve seen together in a while.
We all stayed, ate and drank. Cakeboss attempted the Exterminator challenge. It was a massive 16oz burger with a ridiculous amount of toppings and a pound of fries. It cost $30 but if you finished it in a half hour it was free…no one has completed it yet but Cakeboss disputed the challenge. He was able to finish the burger and a large part of the fries but questioned the quantity of fries on the plate (there were way more than a pound on that plate) and instead of arguing the staff just gave him a discount but I cry shenanigans on that. I wasn’t quite daring enough for that one, even my stomach decided to pass.

The rest of the day we spent hanging out, drinking, playing video games and the other usual town stuff. Tomorrow, it’ll be back to the trail though to get even closer to that finish line.


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