Day 129 – Campsite just after Bald Mountain Stream

21.0 miles, 57,904 steps, 519 stories climbed

2067.8/130.2 miles/left, 5,524,108 steps, 49,384 stories climbed
Today was an interesting game of leapfrog. Ironman, Silver and I woke up and had some breakfast at the lodge before trying, and horribly failing at hitching a ride back to the trailhead. The lodge had a shuttle but not until 10am and that was too late for us. Not too big of a deal, we ended up having to walk the 2 miles back to the trail but it was an easy two miles.
We got to the trailhead just in time to meet Scott Jurek. For those of you that don’t know, Scott is an accomplished ultramarathon runner that is attempting to break the record for the fastest assisted completion of the AT.

   Assisted meaning, he doesn’t carry anything but water basically and he has a whole team helping him by bringing him food and water and making sure the path is clear, plus a huge camera crew. His pace will be cutting it close to the record but he has a decent chance. To put it in perspective, today was day 129 for me and I believe it was day 43 for him.
When we reached him, we hiked behind him for a bit, he was actually slowing us down! (Granted, he was walking while eating his breakfast). He let us pass by him so, I can say I passed Scott Jurek.
We hiked on and were moving at a pretty good pace the whole day. The terrain was pretty easy with just a few climbs with long stretches of flat terrain. Ironman stopped to fill his water and we lost track of him but Silver and I stopped for lunch at an opening in the woods.

While eating lunch, that’s when Scott finally caught and passed us. I was surprised it took him so long, we said our greetings and him and his crew were on their way.
Silver and I got back on the trail and not too much further we ended up passing Scott again as he stopped for his lunch break. So, now I can say I passed Scott Jurek twice in one day.
His camera crew was set up to take pictures of him as he forced the river right by where he took lunch. They took shots of us as we crossed and I was just hoping I didn’t fall in, happily, I didn’t.  
We reached the shelter we planned on staying at and decided to hike a little further to get us closer to Monson so we can get there earlier tomorrow.
This meant having to ford another river. When we reached it we both knew this one would be more difficult. As I decided whether or not I should remove my boots for this one or not the decision got made for me.
I slipped on the rock right by the river and fell in. Luckily, my pack barely got wet but my boots and pants were soaked. After that I figured I might as well just walk through in my boots, Silver took his off and managed to make it across without falling. 
We then grabbed water and went to find a place to set camp. It was as we were setting up our camp that Scott passed us again. We wished each other luck on our respective journeys and I imagine that will be the last we see of one another.

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