Day 130 – Monson

15.7 miles, 34,732 steps, 220 stories climbed

2083.5/114.5 miles/left, 5,558,840 steps, 49,604 stories climbed
Trail Magic Moments: 69

Today was a day for trail magic! Silver and I were out nice and early, on the trail about 5:40am with thoughts of town food in our heads. Ironman was still snoring away as we ran from the camp to escape the swarming mosquitoes (I have never seen so many on my tent before, at least 40 just hanging out waiting for me to to step outside)

About a mile in we came across two coolers on the trail. One contained a bunch of orange soda and the other some oatmeal cream cookies. We enjoyed the treats and headed on, moving pretty well over the flat terrain.

Then we came to the first River that needed to be forded. The water was about knee deep at its worst and the river about 200′ wide. Silver starts taking off his shoes and I, well after falling in the stream yesterday my boots and socks were still soaked so I was already in “fuck it” mode and just plowed right through.
Then I squished on down the trail and the same thing happened at another ford as well.

We finished our hike just before 11am! Called up Shaw’s hostel an they quickly picked us up quickly gave me a free beer and we started on our chores.
First up, BBQ lunch at Spring Creek. The food was delicious, pulled pork sandwich with a massive piece of cornbread and some really good Mac and cheese.
While there I get a Facebook message from Monica, one of our Facebook Friends. She lives in the area and wants to meet to buy me a beer. Sweet.
She ended up buying a few rounds for both Silver and I as we wait for Ironman to get in. After he arrived she then was nice enough to drive us all o the next town for us to do our resupply, drove us back and then we all went back to Spring Creek to eat. She even bought an extra rack of ribs for us all to share!!!
We have her a huge thanks and said goodbye but since I plan on zeroing tomorrow, she and I made plans to meet up then as well.
The rest of the night we ended up just eating junk food, ice cream and watching a movie before going to sleep well after hiker midnight (it was like 11pm!!! What am I, in my 20’s or something!?)

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