Day 132 – Long Pond Stream Lean-to

15.1 miles, 47,220 steps, 343 stories climbed

2098.6/99.4 miles/left, 5,606,060 steps, 49,947 stories climbed

Trail Magic Moments: 76

Early in the morning Monica and I woke up and headed back to Shaw’s for breakfast. As I said Poet was kind enough to give Monica a free meal as a way of thanking her for the awesome trail magic.
A ton of familiar faces were at Shaw’s, Crane and his father (Crane made one of his origami cranes for Monica as a gift) Forest, Cakeboss, Mojo and Eddy. Word had gotten around about my plane ride and many people joked about how boring it must be now walking.
I said bye to everyone and Poet gave me a huge hug and wished me luck.  

 Then Monica took me to the trail head. We hiked together till we got to the 100 mile wilderness sign and took a few selfies. We said our goodbyes, I thanked her profusely, we hugged and then I was on my way. 

photo courtesy of Monica Lynn
The 100 mile wilderness is exactly as it sounds. It’s a 100 mile stretch with no real roads and no towns. There are no places to resupply. The terrain isn’t too hilly but you still need to carry more food than usual which means a heavier pack than usual.
  The plan wasn’t to go to far, just over 15 miles but it was a pretty slow trip with tons of roots and bogs in the way and a few times I had to remove my boots to ford rivers.
  Where two days ago it took Silver and I about five hours to do the distance, today it took almost eight. Still, I made it to the shelter, started eating my heaviest food and let it sink in that I now have less than 100 miles to go! I can’t believe it’s almost over!


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