Day 133 – Chairback Gap Lean-to

10.9 miles, 35,043 steps, 408 stories climbed

2109.5/88.5 miles/left, 5,641,103 steps, 50,355 stories climbed

 Today was a rather short and easy day. I was up around usual time and had planned on doing about 15 and took my time doing it.
  I took a number of stops and breaks which is very unusual for me. I stopped for a bit at Barren Slide to enjoy the view and again at the remnants of a fire tower on Barren Mtn. I even climbed up to the top of what remains of the tower and just sat there taking in the view for a bit.
  I stopped atop Third Mtn., for a while to eat lunch and even chatted up a couple of SoBos for a bit. Even managed to help one out, he was having trouble with his water filter so I gave him a bunch of Aquamira tablets that I’ve been carrying as a backup since the beginning.
  When I reached the shelter, I had just planned on relaxing for a bit and moving on but then I decided that there was no need and Just felt like hanging out and reading the rest of the day, so that’s what I did.
  Around the Fourth Mtn. Bog there are supposedly a bunch of very rare plants. One of them I heard is a carnivorous plant, similar to a Venus Flytrap.

I didn’t come across any of the NoBos and I imagine many of them I won’t see again. Maybe some of the people behind me will catch up. It is nice to be able to just relax without being in a rush.

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