Day 135 – Nahmakanta Stream Campsite

23.8 miles, 56,570 steps, 205 stories climbed

2154.0/44.0 miles/left, 5,753,890 steps, 51,071 stories climbed
Today was somewhat rough and incredibly easy at the same time. The terrain was just ridiculously easy, I’m not sure if I’ve hiked faster before. I stopped at a shelter just shy of 20 miles in and it was only around 12:30. Even with the long lunch break and getting asked a bunch of questions by some SoBos at the shelter I still managed to finish before 3pm.

The difficulties were the fact that it rained for the early part of the day, not really bad but enough to make everything wet and slippery. The mosquitoes are worse than they have ever been, if you could see my tent right now and how many are staring at me you would be amazed (sadly they aren’t grouped close enough together to get a good picture of just how many of them there really are). The mosquitoes have gotten so bad that even Siri has joined in killing them. I reached in my pocket and pulled out my phone only to find a pair of crushed mosquitoes on the screen. They had somehow flown into my pocket only to be crushed by the phone against my thigh. Good job Siri.
The main scare of the day however was when the trail finally caused me to shed some blood by something other than a mosquito/blackfly bite or a simple scrape.    
I was walking over one of the wooden footbridges over a little stream. The footbridge was maybe four feet off the ground and wet and slippery. My left foot slipped off the side of the wood and I fell forward, my face slamming against the corner of the log before slipping off to the side and falling into the stream.  
I slowly got myself up and starting checking to see just how bad the damage was. My mouth and nose took the brunt of the force and much to my surprise I still had all my teeth and they were all in one piece. My lips were numb for a bit and I had a small bump for a few hours but it has already receded back to normal. My nose managed to escape major damage as well with just a slight nosebleed the only real evidence of an injury. I was very fortunate and happy I came out with just the minor injury.
I also finally managed to see a moose today, not just its rump or what comes out of its rump but the entire moose! I wasn’t able to capture a picture though, he ran off before I was able to get a shot. 


a bit of black and blue on the nose, not bad

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