Day 137 – Katahdin Stream Camp

13.4 miles, 31,127 steps, 131 stories climbed

2192.8/5.2 miles/left, 5,845,711 steps, 51,605 stories climbed


end of the 100 mile wilderness
That’s almost it. I have now hiked everything but Katahdin. A quick and easy day filled with many SoBos just starting out and giving me huge congratulations.

I woke up incredibly early and got started and tried to take my time but it just didn’t happen. I finished quickly, with enough time to actually still summit but I’m waiting to summit with someone special. I sat at the base camp relaxing and reading, waiting for people to drive out of the park so I could hitch a ride to Millinocket.


that beautiful monster is Katahdin!
I sat for almost two hours relaxing and occasionally getting up to stare at Katahdin. The day was so beautiful and I was so tempted to go up.  

As I waited Silver, Cakeboss, Mojo and Eddy came down after summiting, they were all so excited and full of energy. The look on Eddy’s face was probably best as her excitement caused her to do jazz hands when she saw me, the hugest grin on her face and enough jubilance to put a smile on even the grumpiest of faces.

I was able to hitch a ride for Silver and I to town and we got to typical town chores. We reminisced for a while over drinks and back at the hostel were asked many questions by SoBos nervous about what they had in store for them.  

I don’t want this to be over but at the same time I want to get started on the next part of the journey as well. 


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