Missing the trail and anxious to drive…


It seems as if the universe is trying to test our resolve to commence this journey.  We have had to push the date back a few times since I’ve returned from the trail but the plans have not changed.  It began with Maria’s citizenship.

She is currently a citizen of Argentina,  and a permanent resident of the United States.  However, permanent residents are unable to leave the country for more than six months at any given time.  She has taken the test and is currently awaiting to receive a date to swear in.  She should be hearing back any day now for a date to take the oath.  Once that happens, she can then begin the passport process however, we can take care of that while on the U.S. portion of our trip.

Another issue was that I was selected for jury duty.  For those of our foreign readers that might not know, US citizens are required to serve jury duty every few years.  Usually, you just end up sitting around all day as lawyers choose their juries and you go home but there is always a slim chance you end up actually sitting on a jury.  These juries usually last as little as a day but could also last for a very long time.  This was my third time serving and the previous two times I only had to serve a single day and was never actually selected.  This time, I was almost selected to a murder trial that was expected to last until early December!!!  Luckily, for us anyway, the lawyers felt that there were better options and I was set free to not have to worry about serving again for a number of years.

Lastly, is Maria’s health.  A few years ago, before she and I had ever even met, she was in a car accident.  The car accident was both a blessing and a curse.  It was one of those life-changing things that jolt you into a new way of thinking, being and living, learning to truly enjoy and appreciate this short gift of life.  Shortly after the accident she quit her job to travel and try to find her real passion and figure out what to do with her time on this planet.  However, the accident also left her with lingering injuries to both her back and her knee which like to act up from time to time.

Every couple of years Maria aggravates her back injury, sometimes lifting something heavy like one of our nieces or nephews, and sometimes, while moving furniture for our garage sale. She has been very vigilant about going to various doctors and receiving the care she needs but right now is not in a condition to travel and so we are waiting on her recovery from this latest injury before we can travel as well.  Also, when getting her back X-rayed, doctors “accidentally” found a kidney stone.  In the meantime, she is continuing to see a back specialist and going to physical therapy.

Spent 2 weeks doing this while waiting for her back to heal
So, since we will be stuck here for a bit, I decided to return to my old job on a temporary basis.  My first day was yesterday, first day of work since February!!!!  It was kind of cool to be back at work and I’m grateful to have a boss that will just take me back. It also doesn’t hurt that my first day back, I was working at the Empire State Building.  It was weird and took a bit to get back into the swing of things but this will help us save up some more money for this trip, and help pay the ridiculous medical expenses, even with health insurance.

We have  also been spending time with friends and family and doing a bit of partying.


We are hoping to be on the road in about a month so please stay tuned.  We are still working on Houdini and Maria’s last day of work is November 6th!





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