Van Nomads Are Off and Running!!!

Day 1-The time is finally here…the journey is about to begin. We race around Ivana’s house (Maria’s sister) looking to make sure we have everything we need. Ivana has been kind enough to store a few things (okay, maybe a bunch of things) for us while we are on this journey and she has also housed Houdini…and…well us for a while as we got ready for this journey.


We toss a bunch of last minute items in the van and head over to our apartment in New York City.



We rush through the mess of our apartment cleaning and packing all that remains. We check everything to make sure we have everything…we check again…we look back at the apartment as we hold hands and take a deep breath to mentally prepare ourselves to start this journey…then we check the apartment again…and one more time just to be safe. Then we walk out, start the van and drive away both trembling with a mix of fear and excitement. We resolve ourselves to not turn back.  We can’t believe this is actually happening!



Our first destination is Washington D.C. where Jason’s best friend Nilanj lives. We made plans with him and some of his friends to go see the new Star Wars movie so we had a concrete time to meet him. There were moments we wished we hadn’t made concrete plans so we would have had more time to organize Houdini (everything just got thrown everywhere and the van is a mess!!!).  But the plans prevented us from pushing back the time or date anymore (I guess that’s the power of the force).


As we made our way to Nilanj’s we both just looked at one another, not sure of what to say, unsure of what we felt but there was definitely a profound happiness we shared and the smiles were etched on our faces.

We made it to Nilanj’s with minutes to spare and rushed off to the movie. I will spare everyone the Star Wars spoilers but it was certainly an odd (but good) way to start our adventure. When we made it back we were all very tired and pretty much just crashed.

IMG_9498On day 2 we woke up and we headed out into the cold to try and organize the mess in Houdini. It took a bit but looks so much better and we actually ended up with a lot more room than we thought. (I thought we were bringing way too many clothes but neither one of us have even filled the drawers we assigned for our clothing.) We’ll even end up with more room after we reach North Carolina since we have stuff for our nieces. After organizing Houdini it was off to see the wonderful sites D.C. has to offer.


We walked over to see the White House, the Capitol and Supreme Court buildings. Sadly, we didn’t make it to the Smithsonian in time but we new we wouldn’t have enough time for a proper touristy visit to D.C. and will save that for down the road some time (maybe a cross country US tour in a few years…who knows)


After walking around all day, we made it back to Nilanj’s only minutes after he returned home from work. All of us were tired from the late night movie and just relaxed at his place just talking and hanging out for a bit before calling it a night.IMG_9482.JPG

Tomorrow, it’s a quick drive around D.C. to see the Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool and then off to North Carolina to my brother’s house.

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