Jacksonville & Wilmington N.C.

After heading out from my brother’s, we ended up going straight to the stores. We had some stuff to return and exchange and there were some items we really wanted to get and now realized we had the room for them. Some fold up chairs and a fold up table, new sheets and a comfy mattress topper.


It took us a while to get everything done and it was already dark out by the time we headed out of town. We wanted to make it to Wilmington to meet someone we met through our Facebook page but we would have arrived too late so we ended up just parking in a Walmart parking lot for the night.



Now, neither one of us are big fans of the whole Walmart business model and we would always do our best to avoid shopping there but damn are they convenient for people living in campers and RVs. Most of them are open 24 hours and also allow you to stay in the parking lot. Free use of a bathroom and wi-fi. If we were staying in the US we really think we’d be able to do this for a pretty long time with how inexpensive and easy we’ve so far found it to be.

We’re still getting the hang of things

This was the first time we ended up sleeping in Houdini since we started the trip and it was pretty good. The mattress topper made the bed significantly more comfortable. Getting the bed set up in the van was a bit time consuming but I’m sure we’ll get faster at that as we do it more and more. The next day we headed over to Wilmington to meet Tara.



Now Tara is a world traveler, she has traveled to Vietnam, lived in a tent in South America for months, and traveled the Trans-Siberian Railway among other amazing trips.  She came across our page through Humans Of New York.


She invited us to come visit and we were excited to meet a fellow victim suffering from the affliction of being perpetually wanderlust. We gave her a tour of Houdini and had her sign it, and then we were off to downtown Wilmington.  I wish we were better about taking pictures of this place.  It was beautiful.

IMG_9873.JPGWe walked around the town and on the boardwalk talking about our past travels, jobs, and dreams of future travels before finding a nice outside spot looking over the water and a retired US Battleship where we could get some good beer and some really delicious pizza.

As the day winded down she was nice enough to offer us a place to stay in her condo and we were more than willing to take her up on that offer. We hung out for a bit in the condo, becoming great friends with her little dog Sporty, a total lush for a back scratch (but what dog isn’t???).


Sadly, Tara had to work in the morning so we didn’t have any more time to spend with her so we packed our stuff up and said our goodbyes. (Although not before she gave us a bottle of wine for our travels). This is one of the best parts of travel is meeting fellow travelers and hearing their amazing stories. It’s a tight-knit community that always seems to look out for one another. Hopefully, the three of us will meet again in our mutual travels.

Now we’re off to Charlotte to hopefully meet up with a friend from High School.  There are a few more things we need to work on with Houdini, like finish installing the cage for one of the windows, make curtains, etc.

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