Beach Time in Dec!?

After leaving Tara’s, we had made all these plans of things we still wanted to do to Houdini and were hoping to make it to Charlotte but in what I guess was our first true free-spirit move of this trip (besides the whole quitting “normal life” thing) we saw signs for Wrightsville Beach and decided we would just go there instead and hang out. When we got there the skies were blue with some puffy marshmallow clouds mixed in. We walked around for a bit enjoying our beach stroll a few days before the New Year.


Sadly, it wasn’t too long into our stroll around that the weather started to change. The clouds started to get dark and the breeze started to pick up. So, we made our way back to Houdini.


By this time it was already somewhat later in the day so we decided to head out towards Charlotte and just stop somewhere along the way. We ended up just stopping in another Walmart parking lot in East Rockingham and calling it an evening.


The following morning as soon as we were ready we headed out towards Charlotte and decided to stop at Uwharrie National Forest on the way. We made ourselves some breakfast (and Maria finally got to cook on her home-made rocket stove making me some delicious bacon) and then started to do more work on Houdini.




We decided to cut our mattress down a little bit (it was hanging over the couch) and then cut some curtains to size for our back windows and added some snaps to make it easier to set up. We also added a shelf to the base of the kitchen. We also took some time to relax and enjoy being in nature for a bit. It was still hunting season however so the occasional sound of gunshots being fired nearby would kill the atmosphere a bit but otherwise it was fine.

Installed some blackout curtains




We then headed out to Charlotte. We were hoping to meet up with a friend of ours from high school but unfortunately the timing just wasn’t right but we took care of the rest of the items we needed to return and also got ourselves a nice two person hammock that we are looking forward to using…now we just need to find two trees, some blue skies and some temperatures above freezing.



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