Chattanooga Part 2

IMG_0238After the rock climbing we made some lunch (which was very difficult to do since neither of our hands were working correctly at this point) and headed over to the riverwalk area which is right by a major dam.


We walked around there for a bit and there were so many people exercising away. Then we headed to downtown Chattanooga. The downtown area was very nice and we walked around for a bit. As we strolled around town we came across a nice Indian restaurant and while we try not to eat out too much I figured who knows when we’ll find Indian food (both of our favorite) again so we agreed we should indulge a bit. It was well worth it…delicious.



After that we found a place to park and called it a night.

The next day we decided to head to Foster Falls (one of the many places our new friends suggested to us our first night in town). As we pulled in to the parking lot we both noticed a few snow flakes start to fall from the skies. I thought we were escaping this whole Winter thing!? The temperatures had gotten pretty low, down in the 20’s and we both decided, and I think wisely so, it was time to add some more layers to our clothing. We did so and headed out to the falls.


We first came across a nice overlook, giving a great view of the falls but after we hiked down to the bottom the view was just astounding.


IMG_2411.JPGIMG_2417.JPGWe hung out for a while and if it weren’t for the freezing temperatures I’m sure we even would have decided to go for a swim. We had the place to ourselves and we just hung out there for a while.










Eventually, we managed to drag ourselves away from the falls. We had a bit of time to kill before Christopher got out of work so Maria and I just hung out in the van for a while drinking some hot chocolate and enjoying each others company. Once Christopher messaged us we headed to the town of Sewanee to meet up with him.




Sewanee is a small college town with a little over 2,300 people located about a half hour west of Chattanooga. There is a very small strip with a few restaurants and bars but beyond that the activities seem to be geared more towards the outdoors.


We had a bite to eat and a few drinks with Christopher at the bar where I was met the chef who had hiked the AT in 2014. The two of us reminisced about the trail while Maria and Christopher talked about the town and his pottery studio.


After drinks we headed over to the studio where Christopher showed us some of the art and gave us a basic lesson on how to throw clay on the pottery wheel.


It was a pretty messy process and both Maria and I had some collapsed pieces and made very interesting looking pieces but we both enjoyed our attempts at making art. Chris was kind enough to give us pointers and very supportive in calling our work “beautiful abstracts”.


Next we headed over to Christopher’s place which he shares with a lovely couple named John and Sabeth. John and Sabeth of course were both mountain climbers, the house had beautiful works of Sabeth’s art everywhere and John was a guitar player (I told you everyone around here was a mountain climber/artist/musician). The 5 of us stayed up late into the night chatting away before we all went to bed (they were kind enough to let us stay at their place and also get a nice hot shower in the morning).


In the morning we shared some mate, gave a tour of the van and after they signed it, Christopher took us to some cool hiking spots.

IMG_0342.jpgAfter some hiking, we were on our way to our next destination…not really sure where to go yet but glad to have walked into that retro bar in Chattanooga.



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