After a night in Meridian, we drove to Biloxi.  It was a beautiful drive, but unfortunately, we did not take many pictures.




We’re trying to be better about taking pictures, but honestly, we forget sometimes.


We were also wrapped up in listening to Animal Farm on audio.


We parked in a Marina and walked into a casino to use the bathroom and internet.

IMG_0525.JPGIt was so bright and loud!!! It was just crazy seeing so many people crowded in there with so many lights and sounds overloading the senses, that, combined with the stench of smoke (which I admittedly am pretty sensitive to), made us feel out of place.


It was pretty overwhelming, so used the restrooms and then quickly walked out. We made our way to a grocery store, bought some items and then headed over to a beach to cook, eat and hang out.

IMG_0550.JPGWe relaxed on the beach for a while before deciding that we wanted to grab a beer so we found a nice restaurant/bar named Bacchus, after the Roman god of wine. They had a small selection of local brews but they had a very unique menu that made us wish we had not already had something to eat. We ordered our drinks and were told there would be some live music in a little bit.

The musician who came on, sadly I don’t remember his name, was a one piece band, performing any request you had, making the song on the spot using various loop pedals and a keyboard with a great collection of sounds on it. The first request someone made was Hit Me Baby One More Time by Britney Spears and he did the whole thing spot on, including her nasally voice. At some point I requested Thriller and he did a very good rendition of that as well. It’s amazing to see someone put all that together, all those sounds and beats right on the spot, live.

We eventually did breakdown and get an appetizer and the food was really good.  Eating out is truly a luxury these days, as it is not in our budget to do so frequently.   We tend to cook very inexpensive food, trying to keep our food cost down to 8$ per day, so this was a splurge, but it was very much worth it.  It was definitely a good spot to hit.

After leaving the bar, we moved Houdini over to the water and called it a night. Sleeping only a few feet from the water.

IMG_0538.JPGIn the morning it was time to head over to New Orleans, which we’ve both been looking forward to.

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