Houston-Part 2

We headed out from Avi’s place and made our way over to our next generous hosts’ home. They told us they moved from Wisconsin and were huge fans of the Green Bay Packers (US Football Team) and welcomed us to join them in watching the Packers playoff game. We pulled up in our creepy looking van and knocked on the door and were introduced to Brad, Lynn and Arabella.


Brad and Lynn are a very sweet, funny and well traveled couple and their dog Arabella is one of the sweetest German Shepards we’ve met (we’ve been having some good luck with dogs on this trip!!!). Brad was very interested in our trip and the planning for it since he is very interested in doing something similar. We gave them a tour of Houdini (Maria is always happy and proud to do so) and they showed us to our room…our very own room…we haven’t had that since we left my brother’s almost a month ago. Talk about luxury!!!


We then sat down to watch the game with a couple of beers and some delicious tacos. It turned out to be a very exciting game although in the end the Packers fell just short of moving on to the next round of the playoffs.

We spent time during the game exchanging various travel stories and personal histories and when the game was over we joined them in taking Arabella for a walk and stopped at a local bar on the way. We kept talking and watched as Arabella’s eyes caught a glimpse of a cat enter the patio of the bar. The focus she had was intense but she was too well behaved to give chase.

As we walked back to their house Brad told us about how odd the real estate market is in Houston. There are no zoning laws in Houston so commercial and residential are pretty mixed up. We would come to find out some more of the oddities the lack of zoning laws had the next day but for now we were happy to go to sleep in our room.

The following morning we were up well after Brad and Lynn and they had left to go run some errands…they left us two strangers in their house. Maria and I had just had this conversation with Avi about how the travel community is just so different and how the trust between fellow travelers and the way we look out for one another is just amazing. They even made coffee and left out tea for us. Maria and I took the time to get to work on uploading pictures and working on the blog.

How thoughtful that they just left this out for us!

When they returned Brad took us on a tour of the town and some of the oddities of Houston.


First stop was to a spot where a guy makes very customized vehicles.

This is an actual working vehicle

Houston has an Art Car Parade every year and this lot belonged to one of the most well known creators. Brad told us that one of the vehicles even shoots fire from its mouth.



After that he took us to the Beer Can house. The owner of this house, over 20 years took beer cans and covered his property and made fences and artwork from them (we did see a few 7up labels in there).

IMG_0786.JPGThe owner, who passed away a while ago and the house is maintained as a museum, was once asked what his favorite beer was and he simply responded, “Whatever’s cheapest.”





Next it was off to the Orange Show. Sadly this place was closed for repairs so we could only see it from the outside but supposedly this person owned a lot across the street from his house and decided to start building a mini theme park with junk and fill it with positive life lessons.


Then it was back to the house. Brad and Lynn had to go out for a bit so Maria and I went back to working on the blog. I somehow managed to keep Maria from dognapping Arabella in their absence, and when they returned we headed out for some barbecue, so delicious.


IMG_2968.JPGThe following morning we had to say our goodbyes but not before they signed our van. We’re 2 for 2 on the Couchsurfing front that’s for sure!


Houdini Graffiti

Then we headed over to the Houston Space center where we spent the entire day.


They basically had to drag us (and by us, I mean Maria) out kicking and screaming.


We are on a tight budget so we don’t do too many things that are not out in nature (read:free), especially in the US, because we figure we can always do that later, since we live here.  But this was completely worth it.  We got a tour of the training facility and got to touch an actual moon rock.

This is where Astronauts train!




Touching an actual moon rock.




This is an actual ship that went into space!









The Space Center was really interesting and we could have spent another couple of days there.  But we must keep going if we’re ever going to make it to Ushuaia.

Thank you Brad and Lynn for your hospitality and help with finding other places.  We hope to see you again soon, say…in Central America somewhere? 😉

Next up, Austin.


4 thoughts on “Houston-Part 2

  1. Isn’t the travel community awesome?? One of my favorite things about travel. So glad you got to visit the Space Center – it looks amazing!

  2. It was such a pleasure to host you! Great pics. Glad you enjoyed the Space Center so much. Love and “buen viaje” from Brad, Lynn and Bella.

  3. My parents live in The Woodlands, right next to Houston, and this is the sort of stuff I wish they had taken me to see when I went to visit. I had a great time, but I really love to see the odd sights about an area. What makes it unique.

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