Aguirre Spring Campground

We finally made it out of beautiful Texas!  Not that we didn’t have a wonderful time, but we really needed to get going.



We stopped just on the other side of the border but we found a beautiful park called Aguirre Springs.


We were the only people staying in the park overnight, winter is a slow time around here according to the hosts (people paid to live on this land and just clean and collect fees…sounds like a great job).


This park was gorgeous.


There is a small town in the distance and you can see the highway pretty far away but other than that there is nothing nearby and the only lights at night are the moon, which was full, and the many stars filling the sky.


We were a bit exhausted (we’ve found our sleep schedules have changed drastically to match the hiker schedule of asleep soon after the sun sets but up when the sun rises as well) so we went to bed pretty early but when morning came it was time to work.


We are still making modifications to Houdini and will hopefully be done soon.


We started off by redoing the curtains. We had done them already but we had sewn them by hand and we had cut to the size of the windows, which let in too much light, so we resized them and re-stitched them.


We also did some laundry


Our “washing machine”- a bucket, a plunger with some holes drilled into it, and some elbow grease.

We also re-organized the whole van, trying to make everything more efficient. We made a new door to cover Mr. Heater as well as our blankets for when they are not in use. We made some modifications on the shower as well as using our bucket washing machine for the first time (works pretty well).


We also put some stitching into the mattress to keep the foam topper in place and finished our homemade mosquito net from a repurposed tent.


While the work wasn’t much fun, we did have a gorgeous view for it.


As the sun started to set we still hadn’t finished but we needed to take some time to truly enjoy our surroundings.


We gathered up the extra wood from the door (which we got for free thanks to scrap wood from Home Depot) and any cardboard we had and enjoyed a nice bonfire under the beautiful stars.


It was a bit chilly out but the fire, the view and the company made it all worth it.


When morning came we hurried up and finished our work. We did get a visit from the hosts who spoke to us for a while about their travels. They are a retired couple that purchased an old school bus and renovated it.


They used to drive all around but now they stay at various parks and get paid to oversee the place. They have been at Aguirre Springs for almost three years and are heading on in March to their next job, which they are not sure of where yet…sounds like a great life.


It is also time for us to move on and say goodbye to the majesty of the snowcapped mountains overlooking the Chihuahuan Desert and finally go visit the place Maria has been looking forward to forever…the White Sands Desert.


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