Sedona and the 3 hour tour…a 3 hour tour!!!




After the Grand Canyon we stopped for the night in Flagstaff again. IMG_2255.JPG

The drive from the Grand Canyon to Flagstaff is gorgeous but we had already seen that on the way to the Grand Canyon but many people had told us that the drive from Flagstaff to Sedona is incredible so we didn’t want to make that drive at night and miss it. Everyone was right.IMG_4733.jpgFor obvious reason, you are not allowed to drive through the Grand Canyon (you can take a dirt road to the bottom but near the beginning of the canyon where it is not nearly as dramatic) but I imagine the drive between Sedona and Flagstaff is the next best thing.




You drive up and down the side of all these beautiful red mountains and through all these gorgeous valleys.


Because of the twists and turns you have to drive pretty slow but I couldn’t have imagined us being able to rush through it anyway. On the outskirts of Sedona we stopped to make some lunch and went for a hike down to Oak Creek.IMG_2215.JPGIt was a nice short hike but we probably spent a few hours on it because we stopped so many times and just sat out on different rocks and enjoyed the views.


For a good portion of the time it was just the two of us and even when it wasn’t it was just 3 other people.





We took many pictures and even got to watch a paddling of ducks flow down the stream before taking off right in front of us.




As the sun set behind the mountains we made our way back up the trail and headed over to Sedona.





We parked Houdini and walked around a nice little strip of town. The town is very nice and definitely a hot spot for new age spiritualists due to the Sedona Vortexes.



Many people believe that they are special areas around the planet where there is a high concentration of energy rising from the earth.


Some claim being in these vertexes will aid in anything from healing to meditation and it is also believed that many of the spots around the globe have been marked by ancient creations such as Stonehenge and the Nazca Lines.


Of course that means there are tons of tours to these places, many meditation retreats and much of the towns tourism is derived from them as well.



It would have been interesting to do a hike to one but we ended up coming across a booth offering a good deal for a helicopter ride over the Sedona area and decided to do that instead.









The helicopter ride turned out to be one of those timeshare deals, we had never done one before so we figured what the hell and gave it a shot, then we headed to a bar (where we had also just got a 20% coupon thanks to the timeshare thing) and had a few drinks while working on the blog.



We ended up spending most of the time talking to a very cool couple that was in the area that were big into rock-climbing (we’ve been meeting a lot of rock-climbers lately).


The bartender overheard our conversation and started talking to us as he was cleaning the place and he suggested that we follow him once he left work and he would lead us to a nice free spot to park for the evening.


He led us to a dirt road just off the highway that had some spots to park and some fire rings and it was so nice and quiet.



Maria and I made some dinner and ate by the fire beneath a sky full of stars. It was nice to be able to enjoy the outdoors in above freezing temperatures for the first time in a while.


In the morning we made our way to the timeshare presentation. We figured it wouldn’t exactly be fun but what was supposed to be a 90-120 minute presentation turned into a bit more than 3 hours.


When we said no another person was brought over to sweeten the deal…and then another until we were finally able to make our escape.


We rushed as fast as Houdini would take us to get out of there and head to our helicopter ride, worried that this wasn’t over yet.


We joked about the helicopter pilot trying to sell us on the timeshare while trapped in midair or him even just bringing us right back to the presentation office.



Luckily, that wasn’t the case. We did the helicopter ride with another couple and I was lucky enough to be sat in the front.



The ride was incredible; Sedona is absolutely gorgeous, we are very grateful that we were able to that.


















After the helicopter ride we went on a hike that was right near the airport and the two of us hung out sitting on the rocks for a while before it was time to drive over to Phoenix where to see a high school friend of ours.

All in all, the timeshare presentation was worth it, but next time, I would stick to my guns and remind them that they said it would be 90-120 minutes.  It was a pretty good way to save money when you have time, but not much money.













































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