Last U.S. Stop…Rio Rico, AZ



We headed south towards the border to where our next generous hosts were in Rio Rico, only minutes from the Mexican border, waiting for us. We stopped off at a little park near their house to do some work to our van while waiting for them to get home (damn curtains…it…just…never…ends!!!).


Maria also made a penny stove, so that we can have another backpacking stove when the fuel for the jetboil runs out.IMG_2625.jpg


While working on the van a car pulled up, recognizing our van and the writing on it, telling us they were our hosts for the evening. They told us that we could head to the house now since their daughter and boyfriend were home to let us in and that we were welcome to use whatever we wanted…including the HOT TUB!!! (Oh you Couchsurfers…you spoil us).


Before Harold and Christina (our generous hosts) got home we spent some time with Bonnie (their daughter) and Brad (her boyfriend) talking about the awesomeness of travel. They were both from Utah and had only recently moved down to Rio Rico and we were the first Couchsurfers they had met. We did our best to help fill their minds with dreams of traveling (and I think we succeeded).


When Harold and Christina we hung out for a bit and found out that their husky (my favorite type of dog) had just had a litter of puppies last week that we got to look at briefly (momma wasn’t too happy about the strangers near her puppies though so we didn’t get to take any pictures or even stay very long).


The next day we had breakfast with the family, (Brad made us delicious french toast) and Maria and I headed into town to get our last minute items before crossing the border (mainly emergency items for the vehicle that we are required to have in certain countries like a safety cone, etc.) before heading back and being lazy the rest of the day.


We hung out with the family watching television and playing the card game Apples to Apples (which one of their cats seemed to think our time would have been better spent petting them instead) and took a brief interlude to go take a peek into Bonnie’s closet where one of their cats had just had kittens the night before.


Momma cat was even more upset at strangers being around and quickly hissed us away but no one even heard her give birth, that’s a bad-ass cat!).


While talking over dinner about our plans for the next day we mentioned getting our air conditioner recharged and Harold, who is a former car mechanic and now an airplane mechanic, told us he could do it if we wanted we just needed to get the refrigerant, so I rushed out to get some and we got to work on that.


While Harold and I worked on that, everyone toured the van and signed it, and Bonnie worked on drawing one of the most awesome signatures for our van.


This family is pretty amazing.  They made us a delicious dinner, hung out with us, gave us travel advice, and fixed our A/C.  Harold told us that he owns hundreds of acres of land in Utah with a spring fed pond and he leaves the gate unlocked, so that others can enjoy it as well.  He also organized a campout for couchsurfers and had about 30 people camping out on his property.  Such an open and amazing family.


When morning came it was time again to say goodbye to a great family that was kind enough to open their homes to us and help us in any way they could just simply in the name of human kindness and compassion.



Thank you Harold, Christina, Bonnie, and Brad.


Now off to Mexico!!!


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