San Carlos, Sonora


We slowly made our way south towards San Carlos, a beautiful town right on the Sea of Cortez.



As we were getting close, we started to notice that the road signs had gone back into using miles as the unit of distance, which was a bit confusing but when we stopped in a bar to get a drink and some information on places to stay we figured out why.


We walked into the bar and all of the customers were older white people. It was easy to figure out that this had become a retirement community for expats. Maria got into a conversation with the man next to her at the bar, a gentlemen from Colorado who would come down to San Carlos for a month every year.


He told us about how the only people that lived in town were retired people from the US and Canada and that usually the only younger people in the town were kids coming to visit their grandparents.


He told us about the place he was staying and the ridiculous deal they had this time of the year since it was off-season.



We could rent this beautiful condo, with a full kitchen, private bathroom and a pool for only $10usd a night as long as we stayed for at least 3 nights.


Now that’s a deal! We signed up and ended up staying for 4 nights.



During that time we spent a great deal of time going to the different beaches in the area, sometimes just walking along them and other times just sitting there enjoying the view and sounds of the waves while drinking some beer.  It was also nice to have a real kitchen.  Maria loves to cook and is amazing at it. So it was nice to eat something not made in a jetboil.


We also hung out by the pool a little bit:




We even walked into a couple of open houses and looked at some of the real estate in the area. There are some very gorgeous and affordable houses on the market there…who knows, maybe one day.




This was such an incredibly relaxing few days that we really didn’t want to leave but there are still plenty of places to drive to and visit.


Time to keep moving south and continue exploring this beautiful country!








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