Huatabampito to Teacapan (and a few beach stops in between)


IMG_3092.JPGWe made our way south from San Carlos and stopped at a little town on the beach called Huatabampito.

We were able to pull Houdini right onto the beach right next to a restaurant. We enjoyed the view for a bit and marveled at how fortunate we are to have the opportunity to do this trip.  It was just us, and a local family on the beach.


The beach was pretty empty after the sun went down and we were able to park right next to the restaurant.  The security guard said he would watch us and told us we can call him if we had any problems.


Then, we dragged ourselves away from the coast to a town  called El Fuerte, suggested to us by Brad and Lynn (our Couchsurfing hosts in Houston) planning on seeing Copper Canyon.




Unfortunately, at this time of year the train doesn’t run everyday and we would have had to wait longer than we were willing to be able to make the train.


El Fuerte is part of the Pueblos Magicos or a Magical village.  It is an initiative led by the tourism office to promote towns that offer a “magical experience.”  It is supposed to be a place with symbolism ,legends, and history.


The museum was closed for repairs, so we hung out at the beautiful hotel accross the street, and were able to use their pool and Jaccuzzi.


We asked the bartender if he felt that it was safe to park in this area and he said that we were allowed to park right outside the hotel, and he will let the security guard know so that he can keep an eye on us, but that El Fuerte is a relatively safe place.  It’s a wonderful place to people watch.

In the morning we came across this wonderful park and hung out for a bit exploring it before booking it back towards the coast.




The next day we left El Fuerte and headed south.  We found a bird sanctuary called Maviri Island.  Absolutely gorgeous.


The place was lined with restaurants on one side of the island.  And pretty much empty on the other side.


We asked the police officers if we can spend the night in the Island and they recommended that we ask a restaurant manager if we can park in their parking lot.


We did and and were allowed to stay right outside of the Maviri beach club.   It was an open air facility with a bar, and swings for bar stools.

There we met the night watch whose name was eager to allow us to stay there and let us use the facilities.   He slept on the lounge area and watched TV overnight, while keeping an eye on the place.


In the morning Maria made one of her fabulous breakfasts for the three of us and we sat down together to eat (and of course drink Mate as well.)


He taught us about the medicinal properties of the local plants and told us that he loved his job because he got to meet people from all over the world, and that he never got sick because he’s outside of most of the day.

This place was absolutely beautiful and I highly recommend it.  There were few tourists and the ones that were there left at around five.  Actually, most people left after sundown because there are no hotels on the island.


So far, one of out favorite places in Mexico.




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