After Maviri Island, we headed south to Mazatlàn for some more beach living. Mazatlan is a very touristy town on the pacific coast.


The beaches are lined with expensive hotels and pricey restaurants. We tend to want to stay away from these places, but despite the crowds, they’re still beautiful, and pretty safe and easy. Maybe we’re not as badass as we thought we were.


We asked around for a place to sleep and were reassured that the side street was perfectly safe. I asked the security guard in the area and he said that he will watch over us for the night, and not to worry.


So we slept right by the beach, falling asleep to the sound of the waves. In the morning, we were awoken by a Caterpillar (the massive excavation machine not the small crawling thing that was the bane of my existence for a week or so on the AT).


It came right up to Houdini before turning and heading into the beach. Well now, we were up and ready to enjoy the beautiful beach. We made some breakfast right on the side street, getting some weird stares from the patrons of the fancy hotels.


The lifeguard at one of the hotels allowed us to use the Jacuzzi as Maria’s back was hurting a bit, then we spent the rest of the morning swimming.


We heard that Teacapan was another coastal town further south that was slightly less touristy (and pricey) than Mazatlan so we headed south.


Teacapan is a small pueblo right on the water. As soon as we pulled in, we asked a police officer for some information on the town.


He told us that there are some big restaurants, two hotels and an RV park. He told us there is a section that has 24 hour security and it is right on the beach, and we can possibly sleep there.


He didn’t recommend sleeping in the center of town due to the noise levels (it was Saturday night).


It turns out, there is a small section with mansion looking homes mostly occupied by Canadians. One of them stopped us on the road when they saw our license plate, they had been living there for four months and were absolutely in love with the place.


They told us it is very safe and told us about different places where we could park for free.


We found the place called Cuatro Surcos, and asked around to see if we can sleep there. There is a small RV park, but we try to avoid those, they tend to be costly and crowded. So we pulled right up to the water and parked for the night. There was another young couple from Culiacan and they assured us that it was safe, and quiet there.


We always try to get different opinions on safety and whether or not it is recommended to stay somewhere. We ate at a taco stand, watched the sunset, and talked into the wee hours of 10pm. Then we fell asleep. In the morning, we cleaned up the area (there were some teenagers hanging out the night before and left junk food wrappers around), and left.


Now, it’s time to head towards the beautiful (and very touristy) place of Puerto Vallarta.


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