Teotihuacan and clogging nice people’s toilet




After leaving Mexico City, we headed towards Teotihuacan.


Teotihuacan is about 30 miles (50km) north of Mexico City, and with traffic, it should have taken us about an hour, but our GPS decided to give us the scenic tour and it ended up taking us 3 hours to get there.


We arrived juts in time for the rain to stop and we were able to climb the pyramids.



Established around 100 BC, Teotihuacan was an ancient mesoamerican city, the largest in pre-Columbian america, and the 6th largest city in the world during its time.

IMG_4097.JPGIt was designated a UNESCO world heritage site and we were told that it is the most visited archeological site in Mexico.


I can see why, this place is amazing AND you can climb the pyramids, something that always makes Maria feel like Indiana Jones.


After exploring the pyramids, and writing our nieces’ and nephews’ names on the gravel, it began to rain.



We’ve been writing our nieces’ and nephews’ names at different sites, and they love it!




IMG_5719.jpgIMG_5728.jpgSo we headed over to our new friend’s home.  We met Maria through Facebook and met up with her in Mexico City.


She was kind enough to invite us to her lovely home and meet her husband.  All four of us headed over to a comic book themed restaurant.  Yes, we were all (except for our new friend Maria), comic book nerds.  We laughed and talked about how they met, books, movies, and love.  It was a great time.  So great, that we forgot to take more pictures.


We spent the night at their home and they introduced us to Mezcal.  Mezcal tastes like tequila but with a smokey flavor.  It’s delicious!  There’s also a toast that goes with it that goes: Para todo mal, Mezcal, para todo bien, tambien! which translates to: For every ill, mezcal, and for every good, as well.

Mario signing Houdini

The next morning, before Mario left to go work, he and Maria made us a delicious breakfast and homemade authentic, hot chocolate.  IMG_4098.jpg


It was absolutely delicious!!


We were extremely grateful, so grateful in fact, that I clogged their toilet.  I was so embarrassed.  They had just moved into their new apartment, so they didn’t have a plunger, so I had to rush out to Walmart and get a plunger to fix my err…problem.  By the way, the Walmarts here are enormous, they sell everything, even motorcycles.

So after I unclogged the toilet, and got lots more tips on travel through Oaxaca (our next destination) before we parted ways.  Sorry Maria and Mario about your toilet, and thank you for everything amigos!

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