Oaxaca and Overlander Oasis


Our drive from Mexico City to Oaxaca
Our drive from Mexico City to Oaxaca


On our way from Teotihuacan, we came accross pretty bad weather, it was even snowing!


We were pretty tired from the previous week so we decided to stay at a Pem Ex gas station.  It was actually pretty perfect.



We were parked right next to a patch of woods, and there was a restaurant with a bar right in the Pem Ex parking lot.


We pretty much relaxed, read, and played classic nintendo video games.


The next day we headed over to Overland Oasis.  This place is kind of like an RV park, but geared towards Overlanders, people who travel and live out of their vehicles.


The hosts are really wonderful and warm.  They are from Canada and have overlanded in their retired greyhound bus, where they currently live at Overlander Oasis.  IMG_1698.JPG


We met another couple there from Germany who have been riding their motorcycles around the world for 5 years now.  Yes, five years!


They were actually doing the same trip we are doing, but from Patagonia to Alaska.  They were a wealth of information and motivation.



We ended up staying four days at Overland Oasis and rarely leaving the place.  It was…well, an Oasis.  Calvin, one of the owners gave us a shower made out of black PVC pipe, which we’d been wanting to make.



He even helped us install it.


The shower had belong to other overlanders, Follow the Wind, and they left it behind.


Our laundry machine-a bucket with a plunger with holes drilled into it

We got a lot of chores done, like laundry, and cleaning and fixing Houdini.



We did manage to leave and try out the nearby restaurants, open air market, and the biggest tree in the world.






The night before we left we met this wonderful, and adventurous couple form New Zealand traveling around the world in their 1957 Mercedez Benz.



Fred and Elizabeth were lovely and they too, have fallen in love with Mexico.  They told us that they intended to stay in Mexico for five weeks, but had extended it to nine months.  We completely understand where they are coming from!  What an amazing and inspiring couple!


After four days of inspiration, relaxation, and cake, we left Overland Oasis.  We made Leanne and Calvin promise that they will visit our Overland park if we ever open one up, which we’ve been inspired to do.







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