After leaving Hierve el Agua we had a change of plans due to all the roadwork from the day before. We decided instead of trying to find our way through the mess of road closures and detours, that we would just head south again and back towards the beach.

We’ve been writing the names of our nieces and nephews when we can during our journey because well, we miss them and because they get a kick out of it.  This guys is still in the oven.


We ended up in a little town called Zipolite, which had been recommended to us long ago by our Couchsurfing hosts Brad and Lynn back in Houston. This town certainly lived up to its description of a small, non-commercialized hippie town.


There were little huts and bars on the beach, lots of people walking around the beach naked, others clothed with the typical bright colored hemp clothing associated with hippies, plenty of ex-pats trying to sell handmade jewelry and crafts, the sounds of Bob Marley and Pink Floyd and a constant and very strong smell of marijuana.

Zipolite 3


We parked our van on a little road near the beach for a few nights and just enjoyed a nice relaxing time in this little village. The water was absolutely beautiful but incredibly rough, in fact Zipolite is considered one of the most dangerous beaches in the world due to the strong currents.


I spent a great deal of time just relaxing in a hammock at a bar on the beach, a beer in one hand and my trusty Kindle in my other hand. I spent so much time reading I finished an entire book start to finish in a single sitting (haven’t done that since my 15 hour nonstop plane ride to India).

Zipolite 4

We did spend a little time working on the blog, pictures and cleaning Houdini but other than that just a nice relaxing time.


We parked next to a restaurant called L’Aperitive, and the owners were super nice.  First, they said we can use the bathroom and showers whenever we wanted.  Now that doesn’t seem like a big deal in the States, but in Mexico, utilities are costly.  So it was very kind of them to offer.


Brad and Lynne were right about Zipolite, it’s one of those places that traps you, as evidenced by the countless ex-pats that now call Zipolite home.  Maria struck up a conversation with a lady from France, who was there with her seven year old daughter.  She intended on staying in Zipolite for about a month, but it’s since been three months, and she plans on staying there another six months.  She loves the lifestyle and the fact that her daughter can go to school and learn another language, as she wants her to be raised as a citizen of the world, not a French citizen.


The town also has a large Italian population, which meant fresh Pizza delivered to your door.  Literally.  They would walk around with fresh pizza in basket, and it was delicious!


Thanks once again Brad and Lynne for the recommendation!

Zipolite 5Zipolite 1

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