Cañon Del Sumidero



After leaving Zipolite we started making our way back inland and towards the Caribbean.


We would be driving through Chiapas, which we had been told we would fall in love with due to its incredible beauty.



This little guy is called a Tejon

We looked on our trusty iOverlander app for a place to stay on the way and found a spot where the boats leave for a ride through Sumidero Canyon.

Crocodile with a butterfly on its head

I looked up the place and was immediately reminded of the scene from Jurassic Park where everyone arrives by helicopter and the magnificent John Williams fanfare plays in the background.



There was also a hydroelectric plant that provides power to parts of Mexico and Guatemala.


It was perfect, we stayed there overnight and then first thing in the morning got on the first boat out and (as usual) pictures and descriptions of the place just fail to truly provide an image worthy of the place. It was simply incredible.

I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.


I forgot the name of this, but it looks like a headless Jesus

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Seahorse stalactite 




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