After our magical boat ride through Cañon Del Sumidero, we made our way to Agua Azul. This was easily one of the most beautiful places we have visited yet.


We ended up getting there a bit later in the day but that did not stop us from enjoying it until the sun dropped.


We spent the night in the park and got an early start in the morning to make sure we got to enjoy it before the crowd made it there.   It was great because for two days, one night, we were able to enjoy the place for 80 pesos (about 4.5 USD).



The place was very crowded and incredibly commercialized with so many small restaurants and shops nearby but we also arrived around the worst time possible-semana santa.


Holy week, is when many families take off for…some sort of body of water.  Lakes, rivers, and beaches are all full of families celebrating.  It’s a great opportunity to meet locals.  It’s also interesting to see that entire families go out.   Multiple generations together, enjoying the holidays.  Parents yelling at their kids to put their phones away, and grandparents wisely taking it all in.






It was easily one of our favorite places in Mexico so far.




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