Lake Bacalar



We made our way down towards the border crossing, as we get ready to cross into Belize, I started feeling under the weather. So we found a hotel near Lake Bacalar so that  I could rest.  Lake Bacalar is pretty pricey so we had to really shop around for hotels.  We found one for 400 pesos, which is the most we’ve paid so far.




We ended up staying there for three nights while I tried to recover from what I’m guessing was the flu. I did little more than getting up from the bed to use the bathroom. Luckily, Maria was there to take care of me by cooking for me and making runs into town to get more supplies and such.



Not that getting sick is ever good but it did come when the weather decided to turn to 2 days of rain and thunderstorms. I watched a bunch of old movies we had on a hard drive as well as playing some retro Nintendo and Super Nintendo games on the computer as well.



Finally, I started to feel better and it just so happened to be on a beautiful day. Maria and I went to the Lake and went swimming. This place was incredible. It’s a massive, cenote-fed fresh water lake with white sand underneath that is pretty much about 4.5-5 feet deep everywhere and warm. It’s like being in a massive, heated pool, only no chlorine. It is about as perfect of a swimming hole as you can find and an absolute must see if in the area.


The area is also really safe, so we didn’t have to worry too much about leaving Houdini to go explore.  It’s got a nice little square with a fort that’s across the street from the water.  But we mostly spent our days lazying around, and swimming.   We also got to hang out with the security guard from one of the boat rental places and the guys that worked at the Balneario.   Bacalar is a bit touristy but not as touristy as you’d expect it to be, being that the water is like liquid sky.  It’d be interesting to see it in a few years and see how it’s changed.




Next stop:  Belize!

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