We almost didn’t come here because, well it’s expensive.  But we’re so glad we did!  First stop was Belize City.


One of the cool things about  Belize, is that you don’t see any chain stores. Just colorful homes and businesses on stilts.


We parked right on the water, behind a fancy hotel and were joined by two overlanders from the Czech Republic.  12977124_575976879275885_3097961855357722739_o.jpg


We hung out by the water and just talked about life.  They were great to hang out with and they even drank mate, which we shared with them the following morning.




We headed to the beach and met up with a family of overlanders who stay there for a few months.  They. Were. Awesome.  The family is from the U.S. and they’re photographers when they’re not on the road.  It’s amazing to see what traveling does to children.


jGVsyThey were the most well-behaved and polite children we’ve met.  We hung out with them for a few days before heading inland and just had so much fun.  It’s amazing how a close relationship between fellow travelers form.


The next day we went to the Blue Hole national park.  On our way there, we saw an old Mercedez Benz army truck with German license plates.


We automatically recognized each other as overlanders and they told us they knew of a place to camp, so we followed them to the park.



They have been on the road for about a year, and had a baby seven weeks ago in Mexico.  We’ve met so many German overlanders!


We continued to Clarissa falls resort and camped right on the river.  It was really relaxing as we had the entire camping area to ourselves.  We thought about going to see the various different ruins as we felt that we “had to” see them.


We try to find the balance between must sees and just relaxing because well, for one, our budget does not allow us to see every “must-see,” but also because sometimes we just feel like being idle.  While this trip is about pushing ourselves, it is also about authenticity and staying true.


Sure, there were some amazing Mayan ruins to see, but lying under a tree and swimming in the river was what we needed at that time.  So that’s what we did.  And guess what?  It felt great!











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